Dining alone could increase the risk of diabetes and heart diseases

Boy, oh boy! Are you eating your food alone, then we have bad news for you. A new study found that eating food alone can boost the risk for diabetes and heart diseases. One of the desirable reason for poor health collaborated with eating solo may be that the person is more reasonable to make unhealthy food choices, like dining fewer vegetables and fruits according to Time.com.

Eating Food Alone

The study found that men who will eat food alone twice a day are more inclined to have a metabolic syndrome (it is a bunch of conditions – increased blood pressure, excess body fat, abnormal cholesterol, high blood sugar etc. which leads to the heart stroke and diabetes).

The author wrote that families have become shorter and there are more single persons than in the past. They also said that the eating pattern of these people has become informal, irregular. For the study, around 8000 adults from South Korea were asked how often they have their food alone.

The researchers observed their health data – according to their age, educational levels, job status, exercise and lifestyle choice. They found that the men who eat alone often had a 64% increased risk of expanding metabolic syndrome and risk of obesity can be increased up to 45%. In the case of women who eat solo had a 29% more possible to have metabolic syndrome. So guys don’t eat your food alone!!

[Source: nydailynews]

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